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Anonymous asked a question: Should I read anything after Heaven by V.C.A or is the new writer not very good?


he really is not great, he is very formulaic with his books and you get tired and bored of them easily. although i have to say, i loved the ruby series so much (except hidden jewel that was fucking awful) and i think darkest hour is an amazing book as well. you may like a few, so i would say if you can find it at the library and don’t have to pay money, go for it! also avoid every dawn book (but the prequel), they are horrible.

i hate this url so much because i’m so over my “serial killer” phase but changing it would feel so wrong.. blog struggles

ugh i just answered a question and i checked my blog and it’s way down the page, and the one i answered earlier today is gone?? is anyone else having an issue with questions today?

i think i might be getting one of my dream dolls, a german bye lo baby doll with glass eyes, very soon 

Anonymous asked a question: Hi c: I'm going on vacation and i'm going to buy books to read. What should I get?


hmm, off the top of my head i would say flowers in the attic by v.c. andrews, dune by frank herbert, ben hur by lew wallace, carrie and dolores claiborne by stephen king, the lord of the rings if you’re in the mood for books that will take you forever to read, and darkest hour, also by v.c. andrews, but i don’t know if you’d be able to find it unless you went to a used bookstore! have fun on your trip!!